ZenUI Launcher: How to customize your ZenFone home screen


ASUS ZenUI on your ZenFone is packed with customization options. From wallpapers to color schemes, there are plenty of ways to change the look and feel of your ZenFone. We walk you through some of the easy to use customization tools that are part of the ZenUI Launcher.

How to download ZenUI wallpapers

A thing as personal as your mobile home screen is the best place to express your personal taste and individuality. ZenUI offers wallpapers from diverse categories such as festivals, nature, travel, animals, illustration and more for download.

To download and change a wallpaper:

  1. Tap and hold, or swipe up on the Home screen to launch Manage Home, then tap Wallpapers.
  2. Select if you want to apply the wallpaper on Home screen, lock screen, or both, then tap Get more.
  3. Select a wallpaper from the Wallpapers screen, tap Download, then Apply. You can continue to customize other elements according to your taste.

More fun with wallpaper effects

The edit feature provides a variety of additional built-in effects and filters to further customize your ZenFone’s home screen.

Tap  > Effect then select from the list of effects, and preview what it looks like on your screen. For example, if you select Blur, you can also adjust how much blur you want. After setting up your desired effect, tap Apply.

Personalize it even more with your own little details

In addition to wallpapers, you can also personalize elements of your home screen, such as icon size, alignment, scrolling effects, font styles, colors and more. Just navigate to Manage Home, then tap Home edit and start customizing.

Note: Some steps and features may vary depending on phone model and firmware version.


Via: ZenUI Blog