What's new in ZenUI 4.0?


The ZenFone 4 series is running a new version of ZenUI with a host of fresh features. At its core, ZenUI 4.0 is meant to be simpler, smarter, and faster than ever. Let’s dig into some of the new features.

Cleaner, lighter interface

Across the board, ZenUI 4.0 is less busy, and easier to get around. Faster animations, fewer preloaded icons, and a clean new visual style make navigation a breeze. You’ll quickly find the interface in ZenUI 4.0 an absolute pleasure to use.

AI-powered Gallery

The native Gallery app is expanding its facial recognition software. In ZenUI 4.0, it can now detect individuals that you identify, tag them appropriately, and include them in certain groupings, so you can easily see pictures of all your family members at once, for example.

Wallpaper Slideshow

Wallpaper Slideshow quietly switches out your launcher and lock screens every day, so a new surprise is always waiting for you. Pick from either a local list of images to cycle through, or subscribe to a collection of wallpapers surrounding a specific theme. With Wallpaper Slideshow, your ZenFone 4 is always fresh.

Living and Animated Themes

ZenFone 4 wallpapers

ZenUI 4.0 introduces two new types of themes: Living Themes and Animated Themes. Like normal themes, they both adapt the home screen wallpaper, icons, fonts, and highlight colors to a particular style and layout. Living Themes gradually change as your day goes on. Enjoy a glorious sunset from exotic locales around the world as your day is ending, or get a peek at some inspiring entrees around dinnertime. Animated Themes will provide a bit of movement to your home screen.


ZenFone 4 Safeguard

Safeguard is a great new security feature in ZenUI 4.0. It lets you share your location with trusted friends or launch into calls with emergency contacts quickly. To share your location, just swipe down from the notification tray and tap Report location. You’ll be able to share a link through any app which tracks your GPS location in real-time. For higher-risk situations, SOS mode initiates a call with a selected emergency contact and sends the same GPS location message over SMS when you press the power button three times. This can be initiated from the lock screen, so it’s always at the ready.

Game Genie

ZenFone 4 Game Genie

As always, Game Genie is the perfect player 2 for whatever you’re playing. You can still record and stream gameplay on Twitch or YouTube. A few new features make it even better. Lock mode makes it so that the home, multitasking, and back keys are disabled while you play, so there are no more annoying accidental presses. A new Repeat mode lets you record actions and have them automatically executed whenever you like. These kinds of macros can really bring your game to the next level.

Twin Apps

Serious go-getters juggle multiple social media accounts, and ZenUI 4.0 is built to give you total flexibility. Twin Apps lets you maintain two accounts by creating a copy of an app. This way you can jump between different identities in messaging apps or games without have to log out and back in.

Page Marker

Page Marker for ZenFone 4When skimming through Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and surfing around the web, it’s easy to find interesting articles that you don’t have the time to read. Page Marker downloads a local copy of an item, complete with pictures, so you can view it later. A full reading list helps you keep tabs on what you’ve got left to read, and since it’s all saved on your ZenFone 4, you can enjoy it even when you’re outside of wireless coverage.

These are the biggest features in ZenUI 4.0, but there are plenty of smaller refinements that you’re bound to appreciate. Older features are still around, like Kids Mode and universal search, while Android 7.1.1 introduces its own set of additions, like split-screen multitasking. Take a closer look at the ZenFone 4, ZenFone 4 Max, and ZenFone 4 Selfie to learn more about what these incredible devices have to offer.