ZenMotion: How to control your ZenFone with gestures


It’s possible to control a lot of what the ZenFone does through gestures alone.

The sum total of these features is called ZenMotion, which includes methods of tapping, swiping, and moving the device in unconventional ways to get around. Eventually these gestures can become second nature and save you time with day-to-day tasks. First, let’s go to the ZenMotion section of the settings to start enabling features.


  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification tray and tap the gear in the top-right to launch into Settings.
  2. Tap ZenMotion under the Device subheading.

The first section here are Touch Gestures. The first switch in Touch Gestures turns them all on or off with a tap. Screen off and screen on allow the ZenFone to wake up and go to sleep simply by double-tapping a blank area of the home screen. Below are a list of apps which can be launched by drawing the letter while the ZenFone is asleep. These can be flipped on or off, or can be reassigned to open other apps. Just tap on the icon to pick a new one.


Finally, there’s One Hand mode. This can be enabled by double-tapping the home button at any time. This will shrink the functioning display area to a size accessible with just one hand. The icon in the top-left reverts the experience back to full screen, while another icon in the top-right allows for resizing. Tap and drag the top bar to move the screen to a more convenient side of the ZenFone.

Combine these with more traditional shortcuts such as home screen widgets and lock screen icons, and you’ll be zipping around the ZenFone like a pro. Find out more about what the ZenFone family can do over at ZenFone.ASUS.com.