The Full View Display of the ZenFone Max M1 gives more for less


ZenFone Max M1One of the key features of the ZenFone Max M1 series is the new Full View Display. This adds more screen to your phone, without making the overall dimensions of the phone bigger.

This means you can enjoy more of the web, more apps, more video, and more photos without getting a bulkier phone. In terms of sheer style, the 80% screen-to-body ratio leaves a big impact. With the screen dominating the view, the phone itself almost disappears. By contrast, a phone like the Oppo A57, which has nearly identical length and width dimensions, only has a 68% screen-to-body ratio, and a 5.2-inch screen.

This radical new design of the ZenFone Max Plus means you can get a 5.7-inch screen in the chassis of a phone that normally houses a 5.2-inch screen. This pares away much of the distracting bezels of the device. This not only improves immersion in rich multimedia experiences like watching videos, but it’s helpful on a practical basis too.

ZenFone Max Plus size comparison

For example, the extra screen room makes multi-pane multitasking much more practical. With the screen cut in half, each app is a 1:1 square, alleviating some of the cramped conditions you’d have to deal with on a smaller screen.

A few layout changes were required to make this marvel possible, of course. The fingerprint sensor, typically on the front along the base has been moved to the back. The capacitive keys just below the display usually reserved for home, back, and multitasking buttons have been removed in favor of using on-screen buttons. The shift of these navigation keys provides additional usable space when they’re hidden.

Ultimately, the new Full View Display on the ZenFone Max M1 series will impress friends and be a joy to use day-in and day-out. Visit the ZenFone Max Plus product page to learn more about what it’s all about.