Which ZenBook 3 color is right for you?


Stunning. Sleek. Sophisticated.

These are words you’d usually hear describing a luxury car or a pair of couture heels, not a computer.

But they fit just as well when it comes to the ASUS ZenBook 3, a range of laptops in exclusive metallic shades that is already turning heads. These jewel-toned machines come in three colors—Royal Blue, Quartz Gray and Rose Gold—colors that bring to mind the unassuming elegance and timeless appeal of the Art Deco period.

The hardest part? Figuring out which color to pick. Each one comes built with the same durable yet elegant premium metal finish—but deciding whether you’re more Rose Gold or Quartz Gray will be a matter of personal taste.

Here’s a breakdown of the philosophy behind these bold, new classic colors.

Royal Blue: A professional look with a touch of art


Yves Klein turned this color into an art of its own, but this mainstay on the primary color wheel re-emerged on the catwalk a few years ago. Since then, it’s continued to pop on red carpets, magazine spreads and street snaps.

While it can hold its own against bright colors, serving as an unusual alternative to neutral while your outfit takes the spotlight, you can also pair it with beiges, grays and whites to let it stand out all on its own.

Are you looking for a companion that radiates easy confidence without sinking into the background? The Royal Blue ZenBook 3 may be the one for you.

Quartz Gray: A high-end shimmer with a luxurious feel


James Bond isn’t the only one who’s opted for this smoky, silvery tone when choosing the perfect car.

Hovering between the soft tone of a thundercloud ready to burst and the gleam of a just-polished mirror, this subtle, but striking color is a great choice for those of you who opt to wear dark colors. If you go for brighter colors like sunny yellows or vivid greens, be prepared to look extra-vivid to those around you.

Want to stand out from the aluminum crowd while keeping a classic, minimal look and feel? A Quartz Gray ZenBook 3 could be your color.

Rose Gold: A bright dash of color with a streak of sensitivity


There’s a reason the warm, flattering tones of Rose Gold is such a popular choice for jewelry.

It’s a chameleon color that brings a glow to every skin tone, works well with other metallics and contrasts beautifully with dark navy and black. Whether you’re in an all-white outfit or a sober pinstripe suit, Rose Gold can shift its intensity up or down to match the mood.

Looking for a true statement piece that marks your presence even before you introduce yourself?  Rose Gold ZenBook 3 is a great choice.

Long gone are the days when you had to choose between style and function for tech products and the ASUS ZenBook 3 epitomizes simply beautiful design and unrivaled performance — wrapped in three stunning colors.

Which one matches your style?