Enjoy the fast, far, and stable connections with Wi-Fi Master


ZenBook 13Many ASUS laptops, like the ZenBook 13, include a new technology called Wi-Fi Master, which increases wireless transfer speeds, extends range, and keeps a stable connection to your home network. Let’s dig into how this all works.


ZenBook 13 speedMaintaining a quick internet connection means you’re waiting less for web pages to load, videos to buffer, and files to download. With enough speed, you get what you want the second you want it. Thanks to Wi-Fi Master, ASUS laptops enjoy up to 867 Mbps speeds. That works out to around 110 megabytes per second, or buffering an hour of HD Netflix in less than a minute. This is made possible by a 2 X 2 802.11ac connection. That means there are two antennae supporting two data streams at once. A MUMIMO configuration (multiple users, multiple input, multiple output) ensures these speeds can keep up even when there are a lot of separate connections on the network.

The latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, enjoys higher speed, capacity, and coverage than 802.11n, not to mention improved battery life from devices that need shorter-term connections to transfer data. The end results are transfer speeds that can be up to six times faster than 1X1 802.11b/g/n, and up to three times faster on congested Wi-Fi networks.


ZenBook 13
You aren’t always going to be staying in the same spot when you use your PC. Your life takes you far from Wi-Fi hotspots, but you need to be able to stay connected. Over the 2.4 GHz frequency, Wi-Fi Master can maintain lag-free full HD YouTube even further than 300 meters away. This way your ASUS laptop can stay connected in big lecture halls, cafes, restaurants, your back yard, and anywhere else an access point may be far away.


If you’re in a bigger home that needs multiple hotspots for complete coverage, maintaining a consistent connection when switching between these points can often cause an interruption. That means downloads can pause, web pages stop loading, or your video stutters. A key feature of Wi-Fi Master is its ability to seamlessly hand off between multiple access points. That means you can freely roam around the house with your ASUS PC without missing a beat.

With Wi-Fi Master, the ZenBook 13 is able to stream HD YouTube effortlessly at over 225 m. For many all-metal PCs, using USB 3.0 while on Wi-Fi can reduce range to 160 meters, but ASUS PCs with Wi-Fi Master has 65 meters of more range in these circumstances. With Wi-Fi Master, you can enjoy your favourite shows on YouTube anywhere in the house without worry about lag or buffering.

Wi-Fi Master comparison chart

As you can see from testing, Wi-Fi Master ultimately provides faster, further, and more stable connections than any competing PCs. Learn more about the ZenBook 13 here.


*Connection distance is under controlled test conditions. Actual Wi-Fi range and performance may be affected by environmental factors.
**Connection distance may vary based on different USB 3 devices.
***USB 3 interference measured via port that will affect performance the most.