Follow your favourite personality as they explore the ASUS range


YouTube Content Creator & Twitch Streamer, Matthew Meredith (AKA Caff of The Yogscast, The CaffCast & The ASMRCast) has been making daily videos for over five years and has been streaming daily for the past two.

Daniel Marin

Hi there! My name's Daniel and I'm passionate about travel, fashion, photography and lifestyle. I am a full time blogger and I work on generating original, creative and visual content for my social channels.

Harry Pill

Harry is a freelance video producer/cameraman based in the UK.

Jack Lawrence

Hey guys, I’m Jack. I started a Blog last year and since then it’s been an exciting rollercoaster journey. I love everything lifestyle; brands, products and travel.

Jamie Rockers

Hey guys, I'm Jamie and I'm a blogger and Instagrammer at Beauty Rocks where you can find features and posts on travel, lifestyle and beauty. Blogging for me blossomed from writing - which I always loved.

John Aldred

I’m John Aldred and I am a photographer of people in the wild and animals in the studio. I love all things photography and have been working with cameras of one form or another for about 20 years.


I'm Knightenator, a full-time UK streamer who primarily plays Old School Runescape. I have also competed in official ESL tournaments and have a Game Design degree so i've been both behind the designing and in front of the camera!

Kwai Chi

Kwai Chi started out as a YouTuber then became the World’s number 1 parent blogger but has most recently focused on Instagram where he is the 2nd most engaged Food influencer in the UK.

Laurence Petrov

Hello! My name is Laurence and I am a young photographer, showcasing my work through social media. I love to visit new places, meet new people and I’m always taking photos here in London as well as on my travels.

Life of Tech

Hey I’m Roger, and I’m a YouTube Content Creator and Tech Reviewer. I love creating videos about the tech I use and would recommend to others.


Hello People, Llamateurs here! Crazy, full of energy couple travelling the world and conquering mountains!


Phantom SFX, a full-time UK streamer. He plays a variety of games with energy levels like no other. Phantom loves viewer interaction whilst slipping in some unique beatboxing skills.

The Beard Guys

Ben & Lam have been creating gaming content on YouTube & Twitch for over 4 years, sharing their friendship and love of video games with their community. They produce daily YouTube videos and Ben streams full-time on Twitch.

Tony Flynn

Hey guys, I’m Tony Flynn and I’m a men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger and owner of My Style Manual. I’m a thirty something lover of men’s fashion, fitness, grooming, lifestyle, photography, good food and great coffee!

Usman Dawood

I’m a commercial photographer by trade who focusses mainly on high-end architecture and interiors. I’ve had the pleasure of working some incredible clients and thoroughly enjoy the work I do.