Top five VR games for Android


You’re settling in for some great VR games with your new ZenFone AR, but what should you download? We’ve got a few suggestions here which you’ll want to check out. They all work with the Daydream view headset so you can really get into the game. Not sure what that is? Take a look at our Daydream explainer for all of the details.

The Arcslinger

The Arcslinger is a heroic mashup of sci-fi and western. Players have to defend their hometown from a gang of thugs by being quick on the trigger of the Daydream motion controller. Over-the-top abilities and upgrades will help you get through all fifteen levels of action.


Wands is a steampunk-themed game of magical duelists. Use the Daydream controller to select and cast spells at other players online. Fireballs, acid clouds, and quick thinking will help you collect new relics and spells. This is a highly competitive title, but also unique in flavor and gameplay.

Danger Goat

Danger Goat is a goofy platformer where players have to find their way through a 3D maze by tilting the world with the Daydream controller. Along the way, you’ll bump into a bunch of different obstacles, like shrink rays, killer robots, and missiles. Pick this up for a fun mix of hilarity and head-scratching.

Need for Speed: No Limits VR

For a real adrenaline rush, try out Need for Speed: No Limits VR. This wholly immersive racing title puts you behind the wheel of a high-performance car. Beat competitors in underground races while evading the police, then deck out your ride with upgrades from the winnings. Stay aggressive, keep your eye on the prize, and always be looking over your shoulder to keep the lead.

Gunjack 2: End of Shift

Gunjack 2 is a fast-paced shooter set in the expansive EVE universe. Your duty is to protect a mining rig in deep space from waves of attackers who would happily blow up your hauler and scoop up the ore inside for themselves. You’ll need to stay alert and charge your shields strategically to make it through alive.

That should get you started with gaming on the ZenFone AR, but there’s a whole other world of Daydream-ready apps out there. Learn more about the experiences available at Google’s Daydream site.