Top five USB-C accessories for the ZenBook 3 in 2017


The ASUS ZenBook 3 is a great laptop, ready to meet the daily demands of a professional on the move with style. Out of the box, you’ll get a USB-A and HDMI adapter for the USB-C ports on the ZenBook 3. Though that’s enough to get you started right away, here are a few more excellent accessories to extend the versatility of the ZenBook 3.

ASUS Universal Dock

USB-C hub

The ASUS Universal Dock is an all-in-one solution for providing complete connectivity to every accessory you may need. It’s a powered hub that has dedicated jacks for HDMI and VGA for external displays, two full-sized USB 3.1 inputs, a USB-C port, ethernet, SD card, and two audio ports. It even includes charging passthrough to keep the ASUS ZenBook 3 topped up while connecting to everything else at your desk. All of your bases are covered with the ASUS Universal dock.

Monoprice Palette Series USB-C to USB-C cable

USB-C cable

If you have a modern PC like the ZenBook 3, odds are you have a newer handset, like the ZenFone 3, as well. Adapters may help you connect to your older devices, but for everything new in your life, a USB-C connection at both ends is essential. Grab this one from Monoprice which supports USB 3.0 transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, and charging at up to 15 W. Lengths up to 6 feet are available, so there’s no worries about plugging into external hard drives or larger connection hubs that are tucked away off to the side of your desk. The cherry on top is a braided nylon jacket to resist tangling and damage.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

USB-C flash drive

A flash drive with just a single USB-C plug isn’t helpful if you’re transferring to and from older hardware. Luckily, SanDisk offers a thumb drive with both USB-C and traditional USB-A plugs on it. Just move the slider to eject one input or the other from the housing. Denominations up to 128 GB are available, and thanks to USB 3.1, read speeds are up to 150 MB/s. There’s even an Android app, so you can transfer files from the ZenFone 3.

Belkin USB-C gigabit ethernet adapter

USB-C ethernet adapter

On its own, the ASUS ZenBook 3 delivers blisteringly fast 802.11ac wireless internet connectivity, up to 867 Mbps. For bigger file transfers, Wi-Fi might not cut it. The Belkin USB-C ethernet adapter can provide you with a hardline internet connection when and where you need one. It’s small enough to be portable, but offers enough slack to reach the LAN cable whereever it is. No need to worry about drivers or additional software on this one; it’s strictly plug-and-play.

Satechi Type C SD card reader

USB-C SD card reader

When shunting files back and forth from your camera, you’ll likely want an SD card reader. The ASUS Universal Dock above can help but when on the move, a larger accessory isn’t practical. Satechi makes a USB-C card reader in a number of styles and colors. It also has a slot for a microSD memory card slot which can be read at the same time as the full-sized SD card slot. Alternatively, there’s a model that also includes a full-sized USB input at the other end, so you can use it on older hardware too.

With even just a few of these, you’ll be dramatically increasing the already-potent connectivity of the ASUS ZenBook 3. There’s a whole wide world of USB-C accessories out there beyond these, too.