Top five augmented reality games


The ZenFone AR introduces a whole new level of incredible experiences. One of those areas is augmented reality games. Thanks in no small part to the Tango platform by Google, the ZenFone AR can detect its immediate surroundings and have the software interact with it. Check out these must-have AR games to see for yourself.

Hot Wheels Track Builder


Hot Wheels Track Builder lets you build out areas for your miniature car collection to zoom through. You can fire them over jumps, through loops, and otherwise interact with a wide range of pieces. Various challenges are set up so you can unlock new pieces and build even more ridiculous tracks. This game is perfect for the young at heart.

Slingshot Island

Slingshot Island is a strategic shooter where players have to find the weak point in a majestic castle to make it topple as efficiently as possible.  There are over 30 levels, with wood, stone, and obsidian castles to power through. Luckily, special projectiles like bombs and missiles are available to help you out.

Domino World

In Domino World, players set up an elaborate apparatus which, once triggered, sets off an amazing chain reaction. You can pick what color dominoes to use in your set, build up virtual 3D structures on top of real-world ones, and tack on over-the-top obstacles. You’ll want to try out the UFO dangling the cow for a real laugh.


Crayola Color Blaster

The world has lost color, and players in Crayola Color Blaster have to bring it back! Grey zombies are shambling around, but with a splash of paint, you can bring them back to life. You can work your way through two chapters of a story mode, or see how long you can last against endless waves in Arcade mode. Crayola Color Blaster is a great download for kids.


Having a pet is great, but having a magical pet that fights void monsters that appear in your living room is even better. Raise takes you through the day-to-day joys of feeding, training, and playing with your own little critter, and once in awhile, it does battle against enemies that will appear right in front of you in augmented reality. Snag this one if you’ve got a soft spot for Pokemon.

That’s just a taste of the incredible augmented reality games available for the ZenFone AR. Be sure to read up more about what Tango has to offer over here.