Take bright, detailed HDR photos with the Google Camera app

Google Camera on ZenFone 4

If you’re looking to change things up with your day-to-day photography on the ZenFone 4, it’s worth checking out the Google Camera app. Google Camera enjoys a powerful HDR+ mode that adds a lot of extra brightness to photos thanks to heavy post-processing. After your photo is taken, it may take awhile for this processing to be applied, but the end result may very well pull out lots of extra details. You can see the results here, when compared to photos taken with the built-in PixelMaster camera app. While Google Camera might bring in extra light, you may notice that PixelMaster maintains better colors.

While many of the Google Camera HDR+ photos produce significantly more noise, the ability to see more of backlit subjects can sometimes be worth it. You can see this in some of the close-up samples above. Full-sized samples comparing PixelMaster to Google Camera are available below.

HDR+ isn’t the only great feature in the Google Camera app. It also uses software to intelligently produce great portrait photos. Simply by raising the ZenFone 4 up slightly, the app can detect the background and blur it. Google Camera also helps you stitch together Photo Spheres by gradually rotating your ZenFone 4 to different targets around you. The end result is a 360-degree photo that can make you feel as if you were right where the photo was taken later on – especially if you view it in VR. For more advanced features and refined control, you can always go back to the built-in PixelMaster camera app.

In general, Google Camera may be a little bit slower to load and operate, as you can see above, and some of the HDR+ photos may be a little on the grainy side, but the ability to capture extra brightness in underexposed areas may be worth the trade-off. Of course, you’ll always have the core PixelMaster camera application for clean, balanced, day-to-day shooting. To download Google Camera for yourself, visit the Play Store here.