Why use a stylus with your 2-in-1 laptop


ZenBook Flip S lifestyleThe ZenBook Flip S is built to be a versatile workhorse, and is built specifically with stylus input in mind. With the ASUS Pen, you can work and create with precision and ease, but what are some of the specific use cases? Why not just use a laptop traditionally with the built-in keyboard and touchpad?

Take notes intuitively

Note-taking can be done with a keyboard, but with the added flexibility of a stylus, you’re able to make more free-form connections between ideas. Circle big ideas, draw arrows for associations, sketch out relevant diagrams, and take your records beyond simply words on a page. This added dimension can be useful in both classroom and boardroom contexts. Use the included Windows Ink software to make quick reminders with Sticky Notes. Cortana can even kick in to make your notes actionable if it detects the right text being written. Bamboo Paper is a great option if you want to include more rich media in your notes, like photos.

ASUS Pen notes

Collaborate seamlessly

When brainstorming and working collaboratively, pen input lets you work with a wide range of free-form information. Pass of the ZenBook Flip S and ASUS Pen to a colleague who has a few thoughts on what to change about your project, or build sprawling idea webs with no boundaries. Your PC’s connectivity makes sharing these kinds of documents infinitely easier than working on a whiteboard or paper. To mark up external assets, Windows Ink has screen sketch, which lets you immediately write on top of any screenshot. CollaBoard is an app built specifically for providing a shared workspace. It lets you view multiple files at once, mark them up, and see what your colleagues are contributing.ASUS Pen writeup

Draw when inspiration strikes

Of course, the artists can’t decide when inspiration strikes, and pen input lets them start sketching right away. From rough outlines to fully-realized pieces, the ZenBook Flip S can accommodate the software designers and artists need to get things dones. Even photographers can benefit from the fine control provided with the ASUS Pen when editing masks, or airbrushing a face. For quick, basic sketching, the Windows Ink software includes an app complete with brush and color selection, and a ruler. For something more involved, Autodesk SketchBook offers a full suite of pen-friendly tools to realize your vision.

ZenBook Flip S stylus input

Write better

The pen works perfectly in concert with your keyboard when it comes to document editing, too. When reviewing a document, it can be much faster to highlight with a pen directly when something needs changing. Even for simply selecting text, the ASUS Pen can be easier to use than the touchpad or keyboard. Though you’ll most often be working with words, you can also use apps like StaffPad to write music seamlessly.

Whatever business you need to get down to, stylus input will let you leave the paper notebook at home. Learn more about everything the ZenBook Flip S has to offer here.