Stay fit and healthy with the ASUS Wellness app


A ZenWatch paired up with a ZenFone 3 can help monitor, track, and coach you through fitness goals thanks to the Wellness app.

With it, you can keep tabs on how many steps you’re taking on a daily basis, how effective your workouts are, and if you’re getting enough sleep. These can all be monitored on your ZenFone 3 with ease. Just make sure your ZenFone 3 is paired up with a ZenWatch, and install the the Wellness app from the Play Store.


The first screen on the ZenFone 3 shows how close you are to meeting your activity and sleep goals for the day. These goal values can both be tweaked under Settings; just tap the gear in the top-right. Swipe up and down on the main screen to check historical scores from previous days. You can also tap the Daily and Weekly buttons along the top to change perspective. Swiping up from the bottom pane will provide a timeline of your activity throughout the day. Tapping the three lines in the top-left will let you review and edit your personal profile, which is created during the setup process.


Things get interesting on the ZenWatch side. The first screen shows progress towards your daily step goal, and a glance at weekly progress with an upward swipe. Swiping right, you get a button to launch into a new workout. This can be running, push-ups, or sit-ups, with time, duration, or caloric goals. Of course, if you don’t want to feel a lot of pressure, you can set no goal as well. Once complete, this data will be saved so you can see how you improve day by day, and week by week. The next screen can toggle the idle alerts. After all, there are some days where you don’t need to be reminded to get up from the desk every hour. The last screen lets you pick and edit your personal profile right from the ZenWatch.

Getting to know the Wellness app is the easy part. Now there’s the challenge of keeping up your healthy lifestyle. Good luck! Read up more on what you can do with your ZenFone 3 and ZenWatch at