Productivity: How to organize and get the best out of your day with the ZenFone


While the focus on new smartphone functions tends toward the fun stuff like gaming, social media, and texting, smartphones these days are capable of so much more. Armed with features that can aid productivity and enhance work-life balance, today’s smartphones are designed to create a lasting positive impact on your business.

As a result, business expectations are at an all-time high too. Thanks to accessibility, one is expected to be available 24/7, often handling a sizable and diverse workload. Individually these tasks may not be difficult to tackle, but prioritizing and keeping track of deadlines can be challenging.

Thankfully, the Zen UI on your ASUS ZenFone comes with a host of built-in productivity tools that can help you wade through the daily maze of multitasking. Let’s look at how to get the best out of your day using these features.

Do It Later

First up, what do we all do when we have too many tasks and too little time? Yes, make a list so as not to lose track or miss important deadlines. With the Do It Later widget, you can do exactly that. But with a twist.

Do It Later seamlessly integrates the list you have made with a host of other applications, making it a nimble tool for organizing your day. How might that work? Well, for example . . .

    • You are in a meeting but getting other important calls and email. You mark them on this widget. Later when you are free, you just tap the task on the list and choose an appropriate action, for example Reply Now or Reply Later. If you choose to take action now, the widget whisks you over to the app you’ll use to complete the task.
    • You are surfing the web on your way to the office, or perhaps between meetings, and find some interesting stuff. You haven’t got time just now to read further. So, mark that material on this widget and just scroll through the list later, when you do have time, and tap each link to open it for reading.
    • You still have more tasks than you can handle and so you must spread them out over the next couple of days. Make sure that you are not delaying the vital ones by setting priority as High.

What’s Next

Now, what if you have a job that requires you to conduct multiple meetings, for which you need to send regular reminders? Let What’s Next simply your life. What’s Next is a hub application that synchronises details from your calendar, contacts, email, and messaging to provide you alerts for every upcoming appointment. It also keeps track of canceled or delayed events.

How might this widget help you get through busy weeks?

    • Are you prone to forgetting anniversary dates or birthdays? If there just weren’t so many things to think about and juggle every day . . . now, though, you can mark these people as VIPs in your contact list and then add event dates and set reminders using What’s Next.
    • If you have a close-knit team at the workplace that meets often, just put those individuals in one group and invite them as a group to meetings. Similarly, you can also receive meeting invites from other people in the team.
    • Isn’t it irritating to arrive at a prescheduled event, only to discover that it is no longer happening at this time? What’s Next also alerts you whenever an event is delayed or canceled. And the same applies for events you have scheduled. If you need to change a time or date, there’s no need to inform everyone individually. Just update the info on the widget and it will do the rest.

Quick Memo & SuperNote

What if you are in a meeting and need to quickly make some freehand notes, but forgot a pen? Yes, note apps abound on smartphones. But what if you need to do more than type? What if you want also to draw a quick doodle or a diagram? And to combine that with your notes?

The preloaded ZenFone apps SuperNote and Quick Memo support rich input methods. You can type, use handwriting, draw on the screen — whatever you need, all in one app. You can take your notes to the next level by adding rich content such as photos and videos and sharing them with colleagues across different media. You can also share those notes on the cloud using ASUS WebStorage.

ASUS WebStorage

Most professionals have tons of data in spreadsheets, presentations, and other formats across multiple devices. Keeping track of this data and carrying these devices all the time can be a nightmare, especially if you are busy and worse still forgetful. ASUS WebStorage on the ZenFone helps you upload all your files to the cloud. In addition to traditional data such as photos and documents, you can also transfer phone-specific data such as contacts, messages, calendar entries, and notes. Now you can access all your data, from anywhere, so as to more easily collaborate with colleagues. You can also use WebStorage to back up your data, freeing up space on your phone, if you would like.


But perhaps you demand even more of your smartphone. You might be a candidate for ZenLink, which offers even more advanced sharing and presentation options through four major components:

  • Party Link: You want to share your photographs or other images in real time, across a diverse group of friends or colleagues? This is the tool for you. Create virtual groups, as many as you like. To make the sharing truly exclusive, you can also password-protect each group.
  • Share Link: One of the more difficult task on smartphones is sharing large files, especially media files. Share Link enables you to share files over 100 MB using wifi.
  • PC Link: Working on multiple devices simultaneously makes it hard to concentrate, but there are certain tasks that must be done on the PC. For such situations, use the PC Link tool. Once you connect the phone with the PC, this ingenious app allows you to emulate the entire phone and its applications on your PC.
  • Remote Link: You need to present a PPT but the projector is malfunctioning. What’s the solution? Yes, your Zenfone again! Use the Remote Link widget to turn your phone into a wireless input device. Can you really ask for more from a smartphone?

In conclusion

Smartphones can be a tool of distraction — or they can help you work smarter. By enabling you to get more done each day, the ZenFone proves itself an able ally in the productivity challenge.