PowerMaster keeps your ZenFone running longer than ever


PowerMaster on ZenFone Max PlusEvery ZenFone includes a new app called PowerMaster that helps you manage every aspect of your device’s battery life. This can help you squeeze even more use out of the monster 4,130 mAh battery on the ZenFone Max Plus M1.

ZenFone Max Plus PowerMaster

PowerMaster is a subsection of the Mobile Manager app. Once within PowerMaster, you’ll get a broad overview of battery life left, both as a percentage and in estimated usage. A temperature readout is also available, which can affect battery life.

ZenFone Max Plus PowerMaster

The first icon along the bottom executes a quick scan of your ZenFone system and reports on potential action you can take to save battery life. Each of those steps will have a shortcut that launches directly to that section of your device settings to make necessary changes.

Auto-start Manager lets you pick and choose which apps are able to open in the background. Apps that open and run on their own can otherwise be a significant drain on the battery. For some apps, such as instant messaging, being able to run in the background is required to maintain full functionality, but many others don’t need that access.

ZenFone Max Plus PowerMaster

Battery Modes provides intelligent and automatic switching of settings depending on battery life. These profiles can be manually toggled, or you can define your own custom profile which changes display brightness and network settings based on your own preferences. It’s possible to have these profiles automatically activate at certain times of day or battery levels.

ZenFone Max Plus PowerMaster

New to the mix is Power-safe Technology. This runs through a dozen battery safety tests to ensure your ZenFone is running in optimal shape. These include protection for adapters, temperature, short circuits, voltage and current, and many others.

Battery-saving options presents an array of quick access to a wide range of settings. This includes closing currently running apps, switching on or off wireless capabilities, and setting how long until the display goes to sleep. These tweaks are just as useful for saving battery as they are for setting up your personal preferences.

ZenFone Max Plus PowerMasterFinally, the Battery usage section takes you to a usage review, broken down by roughly how much of a drain each app has been in a bigger drain on the battery. This is great for diagnosing problem applications that are putting a big dent in your battery life.

PowerMaster ties together many battery-related settings, both those built into Android and custom additions from ASUS, so that you can best manage your ZenFone’s power from one place. If battery life is really important to you, be sure to check out the ZenFone Max Plus.