Top five tips for shooting great portrait photos


The ASUS ZenFone 4 features an incredible portrait camera shooting mode capable of dramatically blurring the background. We’re going to line up a few style and composition tips here so you can get the most out portrait shooting on the ZenFone 4 series.

To access Portrait mode in the PixelMaster camera app, just tap the bust icon at the left side of the screen when holding the ZenFone 4 in landscape orientation.


A forced pose or uncomfortable subject can quickly ruin a portrait photo, even with the best camera equipment on hand. Conversely, a photo where the subject is expressing their personality and is relaxed will look great, even if the lighting isn’t perfect or there’s some blur. Make sure your subject is involved in the process, relaxed, and able to be themselves.

Focus on the eyes

Your subject’s eyes are their most attractive quality, so you’ll want to make sure the focus is crystal clear on them. The ZenFone 4 has facial recognition to help keep eyes focus, but just in case, tap their eye on the screen. Even if a few features are blurry, the important part, the “window to the soul” will still be crystal clear.


Make sure whoever you’re photographing is facing a light source. This helps you get a clear view of their eyes and the ensures details of their face are in view. Of course, you never want that light source to be too stark, otherwise you’ll get hard shadows. Having your back to a window and the subject facing it is a good example of using natural lighting efficiently. That said, don’t be shy about using the ZenFone 4’s Softlight LED flash when there’s no good source of light. When natural light is harsh, the ZenFone 4 flash can produce fill light to take out hard shadows.

Frame the subject

This applies to general photography as well, but framing your subject can add great emphasis. Using the environment to put visual borders around whoever you’re taking a picture of can require some creativity and using some unconventional angles, but the final results speak for themselves.

The ZenFone 4 series is capable of taking great portrait photos, especially if you take advantage of these techniques. Learn more about how you can take beautiful pictures with the ZenFone 4 here.