A photographer's passion: freezing moments in time with Alland Dharmawan


When he’s not at university in Malang, Java, where he studies international business management, 21-year-old Alland Dharmawan travels across the islands of his native Indonesia, capturing people, places, and food with beautiful photographs.

What started as a hobby at school has turned into a life passion, and this young man is busy living life on his terms, and fast building an enviable reputation on Instagram. His travels sometimes lead him off the beaten track, but thanks to his ZenPad, wherever he can find a connection, he can reach out to the world. Whether he’s uploading his images to Instagram and his blog, chatting on Skype with his family, or just chilling with an HD movie, the ZenPad has added a luxurious new dimension to his life. True2Life visual technology creates the sharpest of images, and this avid, tech-savvy photographer always has a slide show ready to go. Perfect, because he loves nothing more than to tell a story with his pictures.

School’s out! Wamena, Papua New Guinea

“A good photograph is one which tells stories. Photographs have the ability to touch people’s hearts. I love photographing people, especially kids. Most kids are very expressive and their smiles show purity and sincerity. I met these kids just as they left school. I wanted to capture how happy they were.”

Sunday morning bike ride, Tugu Pahlawan, Surabaya

“I freeze moments of kids having fun, so viewers will experience the same feeling of joy. I freeze the present so our stories can be passed down to future generations. My desire is to create images that are impactful, summing up thousands of words in them. I want my pictures to touch hearts.”

Man with hat, Java

“I met this man on a mission trip to a village near Solo, Central Java. Many people I encounter in Indonesia have never had their photos taken before. It’s such a great joy to see how happy they are when they see their portrait.”

Women praying, Candi Badut, Malang, Java

“I like shooting portraits such as this and then converting the image to black and white using my ZenPad. I think black and white photos can be more powerful, as the viewer can really see the soul of the photo, instead of just the color.”

Winning photo: Learning to Live Together Photo Exhibition by UNESCO, Bangkok

“I love entering photographic competitions. It encourages me to keep taking better and better photos, to explore more parts of the world, to try new things.”

“This photo was taken in Papua where people are generally raised with their local tribal language, and don’t speak much Indonesian. These boys were really cute and I asked if I could take a photo. I told them to ‘senyum’ (‘smile’ in Indonesian), but because their Indonesian is not really good, they heard it as ‘cium’ (‘kiss’). ‘Senyum’ and ‘cium’ sound very alike. That’s how this moment happened. A few seconds later they were laughing really hard. It was really fun to watch. What great kids!”


“I took this wefie when I was in Papua on a mission trip. I loved playing with the kids, they were great fun.”

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