Page Marker helps you catch up on reading


Page Marker for ZenFone 4New in ZenUI 4.0 is a utility called Page Marker that helps you keep up-to-date on all of your favorite reading. With just a few taps, you can save pared-down versions of web stories for reading later. Being able to save these articles locally to your ZenFone 4 means you don’t have to worry about wireless coverage. Catch up while on the subway or on your next flight without any issues!

When you’re browsing the web, Page Marker shows up as a small bubble icon along the side of the screen. Just tap it to open the menu. You can easily hide this bubble and access Page Marker from the notification tray as well.

Page Marker for ZenFone 4Once saved, articles can have hashtags attached to them for easier sorting in your collection. You can pick those tags when initially saving, and some are suggested right away. The list view of articles will sort by date by default, with unread stories showing a bold title. Tapping the bookmark icon along the top will let you edit those tags later. While reading, you can select text for copying or sharing, or use the icons in the top-right to highlight key sections.

Additional options from the article list or reading view are accessible by tapping the three dots in the top-right. From here you can delete articles, activate night mode for a black background, adjust font size, share the article, visit its original source, or delete it from local memory.

That’s about all there is to Page Marker in ZenUI 4.0. There are a ton of more great new features, however. Be sure read up on what else is new in ZenUI over here!