What the media is saying about the ZenFone 4


The ZenFone 4 series has made a big splash with the press. Let’s take a look at some of the early reviews from the most trusted media out there.


ZenFone 4“The ASUS ZenFone 4 is a solid all-around phone with a gorgeous back. The entire thing is snappy and the secondary camera truly makes a difference.”


ZenFone 4

“Featuring an attractive design, above-average camera and reasonably good battery life, the ZenFone 4 is ASUS’ finest phone to date, and will meet 99% of people’s needs.”


“Do you like dual cameras on your phones? If so, ASUS has six pieces of good news for you — in the form of six newly announced ZenFone 4 phones, each equipped with a dual camera.”

The Inquirer

“The ZenFone 4 is the best smartphone that Asus has made yet. While it’s middly specs might struggle to tempt some away from the big-name flagships, its high-end camera setup might just manage it.”


ZenFone 4“If you are a camera connoisseur, then the ZenFone 4 is going to absolutely blow you away. Taking photos with this phone is just heavenly, with its dual-lens camera system delivering in EVERY situation, no matter if it epic landscapes or intimate selfies. The fact that it delivers this on top of a solid core spec, excellent audio credentials, and an innovative software suite just makes us love it more.”


ZenFone 4“The ZenFone 4 Pro is the flagship, but the non-Pro [ZenFone 4] might be better for you in more than one way.”


ZenFone 4“Probably doesn’t signal the start of an Asus assault on our phone-buying habits, but the ZenFone 4 is perfectly potent – if a little too stuck in its ways when it comes to software.”


“Here’s the thing — the ASUS Zenfone 4 is underrated. People don’t get to see how good it really is because they’re immediately turned off by the price.”

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