What the media is saying about the ZenFone 4 Selfie


The ZenFone 4 Selfie series has made a big splash with the press. Let’s take a look at some of the early reviews from the most trusted media out there.

Gadgets 360

ZenFone 4 Selfie“The ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro is a pretty feature-rich offering at this price level, and we’d say it’s a better bet than Vivo’s V7+. If you’re into vlogging on your smartphone, then you’ll appreciate the 4K recording support with the front camera.”


ZenFone 4 Selfie

“Today, we take a look at the ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro. As you are probably guessing by the name, it’s a phone that wants to appeal to the social-networking, selfie-loving crowd. This one ups the ante with a secondary, wide-angle selfie camera on the front, and a Portrait Mode for both the front- and rear-facing snappers.”


ZenFone 4 Selfie

“Selfie-centric smartphones are definitely abundant right now, as we have here one of ASUS’ latest offerings, the ZenFone 4 Selfie. The successor to the original Zenfone Selfie from two years ago now sports a 20MP + 8MP dual front cameras with mid-range features at a mid-range price point. Let’s proceed with our review.”


ZenFone 4 Selfie“The ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro has a lot of potential, and terms of details it certainly offers a lot more than the Vivo V7+.”


“Forget taking good-looking landscapes or zooming in for a closer look. It’s all about the selfies, and the ZenFone 4 Selfie and Selfie Pro are made for it.”

Malaysia Hardware Zone

“Despite the name, it’s very likely you’ll be using the main camera for all your photography needs, regardless if they’re selfies.”

Nasi Lemak Tech

ZenFone 4 Selfie“The ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro is aimed towards those who like to take selfies. Not just selfies, but wefies as well. Its rear camera is actually quite decent as well!”


“Most of you might wonder with all the selfie oriented smartphones these days, is it worth or its just a part of marketing gimmick? Things are pretty impressive with the ASUS Zenfone 4 Selfie pro as it comes with a far superior and better front camera than any other in terms of hardware specification.”

Live at PC

“As smartphones go, this is a wonder worker for its price range. Aside from the pretty impressive camera, the phone performs well even after heavy usage.”


“Despite being part of the 4th generation ZenFone family, the new ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro is actually a second-generation product – a follow-up to the original ZenFone Selfie that was launched in 2015. While the objective of the phone is still about bringing the best selfie experience to users, ASUS has slightly changes its approach for ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro as well as its lower-end sibling, the ZenFone 4 Selfie.” 

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