Is your smartphone safe?


ZenFone Safety

We all love our smartphones. So much, in fact, that we trust them with every aspect of our lives — they have our banking details, our contacts, our photos, and maybe most importantly, our high scores on the games we’re so obsessed with.

But because we always have our smartphones close by and rely on them so much, it’s easy to forget how important it is to keep them and the data on them secure — and just how dangerous it would be to lose them.  To put smartphone risk in perspective, a recent Harris Poll found that although 69% of us enter PINs or passwords via our smartphones, only 51% of us have taken security precautions like installing antivirus or remote lock apps.

Sounds crazy, right? By simply hacking your phone, identity thieves could swipe almost everything there is to know about you and your life, and do some serious damage.

So how can you protect your personal information, along with your phone itself?

Fingerprint phone security is elementary, Watson

One of the most basic places to start with mobile security is to use a password on your phone’s lock screen. A no-brainer, right? Apparently not. Only 34% of Android users take advantage of this super-easy and obvious security measure. Most phones allow you to lock your home screen with a PIN number or a gesture.

Some advanced smartphones include fingerprint technology. For example, the ASUS ZenFone 3 features intuitive fingerprint identification which allows for 360° recognition for five different fingers. The ZenFone 3 technology can unlock your phone in just 0.2 seconds. Even better, the ZenFone 3’s built-in fingerprint authorization is available to other apps, too. It’s a great way to make sure you — and only you — can get to your phone’s goodies.

Young man looking a smartphone

Antivirus inoculation isn’t just for computers anymore

The same Harris Poll also found that only about half of mobile phone users have installed an antivirus app, even though most of us do use antivirus programs on our computers. There’s no denying that mobile is the latest proving ground for hackers. And it’s not just about strangers intruding on your private Instagram feed — all that’s needed is a malware text message, and mobile snoops can put your bank accounts and other identification at risk.

However, the trouble with some antivirus apps is that they can add extra load on your smartphone’s processor which can slow down your phone. It pays to have a beefy CPU like the ZenFone 3 Deluxe’s Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821, the world’s most powerful 14nm smartphone processor. The 821 is 300% faster than its predecessor and it beats the iPhone 6s Plus in CPU performance by almost 20%. All of this means that your ZenFone’s superpowers won’t be hindered by installing a great antivirus app to protect your sensitive information.

Thieves can’t steal what they can’t see

Wouldn’t it be great if you could click your fingers and make your phone invisible to prevent it from getting stolen? According to the same Harris Poll, only about half of us have installed remote lock and erase software. Lock and erase apps are the next best thing to actual invisibility. They can help you locate your device if it’s stolen, lock down access to it, or even erase everything on the phone’s ROM storage.

Now that your phone’s secure, you can stop worrying and get back to enjoying all of the wonderful things the ZenFone 3 has to offer.