How to have the most Instagrammable festive food


From twinkling lights to bubbling champagne to decorated cookies, the festive season is undoubtedly one of the most Instagrammable times of the year. Impress your followers this Christmas with these photography and food styling tips to help you recreate commercial-worthy photos at home with the ASUS ZenFone 4, before enjoying all the food you’ve made with family and friends!

Get imaginative with props

Festive shots always look best with some seasonal props, so get creative when it comes to plates, cutlery, glasses, and even lighting. Think about using candles or flowers as centerpieces on the table, while a sprinkling of glitter always adds a fun touch to a festive setting. These props can then be used for your food, or even in the background to add interest and give some Christmas context to the pictures.

Leave a little mess

The festive period is a time of fun and laughter, so let that come across in your photos! Don’t be afraid to keep a little mess, whether its a spoon covered in cranberry sauce or some crumbs left over from a chocolate tart. Overhead table settings look much more lively when they’re slightly undone, so resist the urge to clean everything up and use the second rear camera with a wide 12mm lens on the ASUS ZenFone 4 to make sure you can get the whole table in—crumbs and all! You can then switch instantly to portrait mode on the first rear camera for some gorgeous close-ups of the dishes.

Think day and night

While most food is best photographed in natural light, Christmas is a time when you can relax those rules a bit—particularly when there are so many soft, sparkling lights and decorations around. A pretty table set up, salmon starter and a juicy goose with all the trimmings might look best in daylight, but a plate of cookies or a Christmas cake might look even more appetizing in low lighting with a glittering tree in the background. For the latter, why not make the most of the cosy setting to get a blurred bokeh effect in the background? Switch to auto-mode and make sure the camera is 10-20 cm away from your subject, and the f/1.8 aperture and superior low light settings on the ASUS ZenFone 4 will make your food pop even more.

Use a few food styling tricks

For the most Instagrammable food possible, why not use a few simple food styling tricks to get your dishes looking their best? Green vegetables such as brussel sprouts can be blanched to keep their color while brushing a Christmas pudding with honey and adding a garnish of holly and berries before serving will add that extra wow factor. Meanwhile, if you’re doing a table shot and the champagne starts to go flat as you’re setting up, just fizz if up with a fork or add a pinch of sugar to get those bubbles going again before you take your photo.

Go for a close-up

Don’t be afraid to get a real close-up shot of your dishes, particularly if you’ve made something beautiful. Decorated cookies, festive cocktails and even a tray of glistening roast potatoes can all make amazing hero shots with other dishes out of focus in the background. To get a truly stunning hero shot, use the first rear camera for a high quality, 12-megapixel close-up image with short depth of field, and aim for an angle where you can see just a hint of what’s behind for a truly tantalizing shot.