How to back up and restore your ZenBook


You’re looking to back up your PC so all of your data is safe and secure. It’s a prudent precaution in case something nasty happens to your ZenBook 3 Deluxe, be it accidental, or the result of you doing some tinkering. Backing up your laptop is a painless process, and it’s baked into the Windows 10 System Image Backup and File History utilities.

Before anything, you’ll need an external hard drive. Check out some of the hard drives ASUS has to offer if you’re in the market for a new one.  You may need a USB-C adapter to do this with the ZenBook 3 Deluxe. Ensure the drivers are set up for a stable transfer. Use the port on the right side towards the back to make use of Thunderbolt 3.0 transfer speeds.

How to back up your Windows 10 laptop

  1. Plug in an external hard drive.
  2. Search for “Backup” in the search bar in the bottom-left and click the system settings result that pops up. This will bring up the File History menu.
    ZenBook backup
  3. Click Add a drive to select where to store the backup.
    ZenBook backup
  4. Click More options and click Back up now.
    ZenBook backup

Further down on the last menu, you can add or exclude certain folders from the backup, allowing you to tailor the transfer based on your needs and hard drive space.

By default, future backups should occur automatically and in the background, so you can get on with your work knowing everything will be safe and secure.

How to restore your Windows 10 laptop

How your PC gets reset will vary; either it’s a whole new machine, you’ve manually reset it yourself, but were able to save some files, or something in between. Once Windows 10 is up an running again, here’s how to restore data captured from File History.

  1. Type “File History”  in the search box in the bottom-left and click the Control Panel result that pops up.
    ZenBook backup
  2. Browse the folders you wish to restore, and click the green arrow at the bottom in the middle once you’ve selected everything you want to return.
    ZenBook backup

Files will then proceed to be copied back to their original location. This can also be handy for recovering individual files that may have been lost or corrupted. Note that you can go back to older File History, not just those from the last backup. Just click the box on the edge of the File History window to see previous versions.

This is the most painless and flexible method of backing up, but there is one other method which doesn’t just copy files, but copies the entire system to the hard drive. You won’t get the ability to restore individual files, but it will include Windows 10 proper and all of your settings.

How to back up an entire system image in Windows 10

  1. Type “Backup”  in the search box in the bottom-left and click the Control Panel result for “Backup and Restore (Windows 7)” that pops up.
    ZenBook backup
  2. Click Set Up Backup.
    ZenBook backup
  3. Follow the window’s instructions for picking backup location and schedule for updates.
    ZenBook backup

Like the File History backup, you can go about your normal usage while the backup is in progress. The system image backup is a solid failsafe to have when it’s not just a few files you need to get back, but you need to start over from scratch.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to back up and restore your laptop. Windows 10 has a bunch of additional recovering and security measures in place to ensure your important data doesn’t get lost. Dig into the details of the ZenBook 3 Deluxe to find out more about what it can do for you.