A foodie's guide to photography with the ZenFone 3 Zoom


There’s really only one reason I like to go on Instagram: food photos. I know there are tons of other things to look at, and I certainly follow many different kinds of accounts, but my favorite posts are beautiful shots of food.

I should be clear, I like food as much as any normal person. But for some reason, looking at photos of food really makes me happy!

If you’ve tried to get good food photos, though, you’ll know it can be a tricky endeavor. You may have a beautiful plate of food you made at home but when you try to take a picture, it looks messy and terrible.


Never fear! There are some fairly simple tips to posting “like”-worthy food pics on Instagram.

First off, you need a good camera. I use the ZenFone 3 Zoom (ZE553KL), because I like to have the capabilities of using a DSLR camera right in my smartphone. It takes great photos and it gives me a ton of flexibility thanks to the shooting modes and the ability to go into manual mode when I want to.

But beyond the camera, getting good food photos is all about technique. Probably the most important point is shooting with a good natural light source. You can set up the most beautiful meal in the world, but if your lighting isn’t right, the picture won’t look very good. If you’re taking a food shot at home, try to get yourself near a window.


You’ll still have to adjust yourself for shadows, so you may have to move slightly further away from the window to achieve the right look, but that natural light will do wonders for the quality of your picture. (Though, in some cases, shadows may enhance the look of your shot.)

The reason you need a smartphone with a good camera is because you won’t always get perfect conditions for your photo, and the flexibility to adjust the exposure which allows more or less light into the camera (as just one example), is a handy tool to have.

The next important point for a good food photo is to take the shot from above. Placing your smartphone directly above the food allows you to get the best vantage point. If you take the photo from above and then take the same photo from another angle, you’ll almost always find the photo from above is better! I also like the Zoom for this reason; it’s a powerful camera but it’s still very easy to hold, and it’s not bulky or heavy.


Another way to make sure your food photos look great is to use small plates or bowl to set up your shots. If you put food on a giant plate, things just end up looking awkward. But a smaller plate allows you to fill the space with less food so it looks cleaner and more put together. It’s amazing the difference it will make in your final product.

Finally, food photos don’t always have to be finished meals. Food is beautiful in many phases of the cooking process! Taking photos of ingredients is a great way to take interesting shots. For example, I was toasting sunflower seeds in a pan, and I really liked how the seeds looked once they were toasted so I took a shot. It’s easy and unique, which is also something you want to strive for. People like looking at photos they’ve never seen before, so try to avoid taking the same old shot that everyone has taken and do your best to go for something new!

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