Five Windows 10 touchpad gestures that will change your life


Thanks to Precision Touchpad certification, the ZenBook 3 hosts a whole range of advanced touchpad gestures. There’s a lot more than just moving around, left-clicking, and right-clicking, though. You may not think to have even tried these, but once you get used to them in your day-to-day operation, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

Three finger tap touchpad gesture

3 Finger Tap touchpad gesture

Tapping the touchpad with three fingers will bring up Cortana search. From here you can launch into system-wide searches for files, get quick information about the local weather, change calendar appointments, and much more. Remember, you can also set Cortana to active entirely hands-free by clicking the gear icon on the left. This way you can issue commands just by saying “Hey Cortana”.

Three finger swipe up touchpad gesture

Three Finger Swipe Up touchpad gesture

Swiping up with three fingers provides an overview of all of the currently open windows. This provides a thumbnail of each window, an option to close windows, and even the ability to open an entirely separate desktop if your primary one is getting too cluttered.

Three finger swipe down touchpad gesture

3 Finger Swipe Down touchpad gesture

Need to get something on the desktop quickly? Three fingers swiping down on the touchpad will immediately minimize all windows. No need to hunt around for the last active window after you’ve found what you needed, either. Just swipe up with three fingers and all minimized windows will be brought back up. This same action can be completed with the Windows key and D.

Three finger swipe left and right touchpad gesture

Left and Right touchpad gesture

If you’re regularly hopping between two windows, you may want to swipe left and right with three fingers. Just swipe either way, and a strip of thumbnails will pop up. Lift your fingers from the touchpad on the window you want, and you’ll be switched. This is effectively the same as hitting Alt and Tab at the same time, but has the added flexibility of going in either direction without having to change over to also press Shift to switch in the other direction.

Four finger tap touchpad gesture

4 Finger Tap touchpad gesture

Finally, the four-finger tap brings up the Action Center. Here you’ll find notifications from your active Windows apps, including Mail and Skype. Just click any one for more information. Along the bottom, there are extended settings beyond what you’ll see in the system tray, down by the clock in the bottom-right.

Touchpad gesture settings

The real beauty to these touchpad gestures is that many of them can be changed to different actions, depending on your preferences. Just type “Touchpad settings” in the Windows 10 search bar to open up the relevant window, then scroll down near the bottom. Each touchpad gesture will have its own drop-down menu for determining which does what. Some of these will let you jump between different virtual desktops, which is great for serious multitaskers. Note that these options are only available on ASUS laptops with PTP certification, such as the UX390 and UX490.

Take a look at our other tips and tricks for Windows 10 to learn more about how to make the most out of your ZenBook 3!

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