Fine tune display quality with the ASUS Splendid app


Every ZenFone 3 comes loaded with an app called Splendid. With it, users can tweak display qualities such as hue, saturation, temperature, and blue light.

By default, the icon for Splendid is found in the ASUS folder. Tap it to open it. Four buttons are shown along the bottom, each designating a different color mode. Tapping one will activate it, and show any available options. The top of the screen will show a sample image in order to preview how adjustments will affect the look. Swipe left and right to check out other samples.

In the middle of the screen is a slider for color temperature, which will lean the colors across the whole experience towards reds or blues. The highlighted mode in Splendid is the currently active profile, though it isn’t necessary to jump into the app in order to switch. Swipe down twice from the top of the screen anywhere to open the Quick Settings menu, and there should be an option to toggle between Bluelight Filter and the default color profile.


The Bluelight filter is designed specifically to lower blue colors without affecting balance of other colors. This is to reduce eye strain when using the ZenFone 3. Blue light can damage cells in the eye over long term exposure. Luckily, unlike ultraviolet light, blue light is part of the visible spectrum and can be filtered out. Adjusting the slider along the bottom of the Splendid app will affect just how much blue is excluded. Balance and Vivid modes don’t offer any adjustments, but differ in terms of how saturated colors may be. For those looking for full control over the display qualities, Customized mode offers sliders for Hue and Saturation.

If any of the adjustments seem strange, tapping the two arrows in a circle will reset the slider to default.

It’s worth noting that behind the scenes, the ASUS Tru2Life engine on every ZenFone 3 is intelligently monitoring whether you’re playing a game, watching a video, or flipping through a website and adjusts contrast accordingly.

Play around with Splendid to find the settings which work best for you. Be sure to learn more about the various ZenFone 3 models at