The fine craftsmanship behind the ZenBook UX530 and UX430


The ZenBook UX530 and ZenBook UX430 offer professional-grade, discrete graphics processing in a slim, stylish laptop. One of the keys to making this PC look great is the new NanoEdge display. This reduces the thickness of the bezel, so you get more viewable screen area for the physical footprint.

Nanoimprint lithography

ZenBook UX430 nanoimprint lithographyThe signature look to the ZenBook UX530 and UX430 is the glossy, crystalline finish on the rear lid. This is made possible thanks to a special manufacturing process called nanoimprint lithography (or NIL). It functions in a similar way to a silkscreen. A soft material is spread across a hard substrate layer to start. A mold is pressed into this material to imprint a pattern. In the case of these laptops, this is the signature concentric circle design found across most ASUS products. An electroplating process adds a fine metallic finish on top of that, followed by a coloring layer, and finally a glossy UV coating. The final result is something truly remarkable.

NanoEdge display

ZenBook UX430 NanoEdge displayThe core of NanoEdge technology involves repositioning key elements of the laptop away from the display portion. In some cases, these are tucked into the lower portion of the display, but in others, they’re moved entirely to the main body of the PC. To do this, ASUS has had to reconsider and adjust a wide number of components, not just those in the lid. A matte finish ensures maximum visibility, even in areas with a lot of sunlight. The end result is a 15.6-inch screen with an 81% screen-to-body ratio, and a 7.3 mm bezel that melts away in day-to-day use so you can see more of your work.

A slim profile

The ZenBook UX530 is only 16.9 mm thin and weighs under 2 kg. Its smaller brother, the UX430, is the slimmest laptop with discrete graphics to date. At that size, it can fit in your bag easily while still leaving plenty of room for your other belongings. Being able to effortlessly bring a high-powered workstation whereever you go  — on your daily commute to the office, or a trip to the other end of the world — is a luxury that the ZenBook UX530 can provide like no other.

Small, sensible design touches improve ergonomics significantly. A hinge that goes back to 140° for easy viewing in any situation. A cutout below the trackpad lets you easily catch the lid for opening. Ventilation holes on the underside have been eliminated, and been directed upwards, through the keys. The display has been recessed so the keys don’t have to be; this way there’s no line around the keyboard, maintaining a solid, unified aesthetic.

A full spectrum of style options

ZenBook UX530 color options

Royal Blue and Quartz Grey color options are available, depending on your tastes. Quartz Grey is a fine pick for a classic look that fits into a business environment. Royal Blue is a bit more flashy, but still subtle and classy. If you’re opting for the more svelte UX430, you’ll also have Rose Gold and Shimmer Gold options available to you. Either way, the ZenBook will fit seamlessly into your style.

There’s a lot more to these laptops than good looks, though. Visit the ZenBook UX530 product page and the ZenBook UX430 product page for more details.