Complete guide to all 19 camera modes on the ZenFone 3 Zoom


Harnessing the ZenFone 3 Zoom’s powerful photographic technologies are its comprehensive collection of pre-set modes that optimize the camera to shoot in just about any environment and for any subject as well as the most capable manual mode among any smartphone.


HDR Pro and Real Time HDR

In HDR Pro mode, the camera is able to analyze photos and create the perfect exposure by intelligently lowering the brightness in overexposed sections, and increasing the brightness in underexposed parts by up to 400%. The result is a photo with greater detail and well exposed sections throughout. This mode is good for taking photos with extremely contrasting lighting – like shooting a subject in the shadows against a bright background. Unlike the HDR modes of other smartphones, the ZenFone 3 Zoom’s HDR photo results are shown in real time on the display when framing the shot – so what you see is what you get as the resulting photo.


Beautification mode

For users who love taking selfies and portraits, the Beautification Mode enhances the subject’s face with makeup-like effects including skin softening and brightening, blush and color correction, eye enhancement and cheek-thinning. The effects can be set to varying degrees and viewed in real time before saving as a selfie photo.

          beautification-1  beatification-2

Super Resolution Mode

With the ZenFone 3 Zoom’s Super Resolution Mode, users can create an ultra-high resolution, 48 megapixel photo. It achieves this by using g special image-processing techniques to capture and combine four 12MP photos to create a much larger single image with greater detail and less noise. This high resolution photo has the advantage of appearing clearer on higher resolution monitors, or when printed on larger format photo media A4 sized or larger.


Children Mode

Designed for photographing young children, this mode allows users to play sound effects from the phone to draw their attention. The mode also has an automatic face recognition option that can focus on the children’s faces.

QR Code Mode

Automatically detects QR codes and forwards users to the websites they are for or displays the content coded into them


Night Mode

In very low light conditions, the ZenFone 3 Zoom’s high light sensitivity is enhanced even further using the night mode. This mode automatically increases the ISO sensitivity and uses a slower shutter speed to capture night subjects in very low light that would otherwise be impossible to capture on auto mode.


Depth of Field Mode

Excellent for close-up subjects or human portraits, this mode intelligently increases the blurring of the background with intelligent software processing so as to emphasize the main subject. The effect can also be varied in this mode.


Effects Mode

This fun mode allows users to apply Instagram filter-like effects to recolor their photos or give them different textural treatments to present them in different moods or artistic styles.




Gif Animation Mode

Animated Gif images are simple animations composed of a repeating loop of sequential images. They are super easy and fun to create using the Gif Animation Mode. Simply shoot your subject in this mode and the camera will compile the photo sequence as an animated gif image. The interface even allows you to modify the speed of the animation before saving.

           gif-mode-1  gif-mode-2 gif-mode-3

Panorama Mode

The perfect mode for wide landscapes, Panorama allows users to pan the camera from one side of landscape to another while the camera automatically captures the separate frames and stitches them together to for a wide panoramic photo.



Miniature Mode

A truly whimsical and fun setting, Miniature mode is able to make subjects appear like toy models in a diorama. In this mode, the camera allows you to choose a horizontal or vertical band for the miniaturization effect to be applied to your subjects.


Time Rewind Mode

In Time rewind mode, the camera shoots a rapid burst of frames in sequence for up to two seconds, after which it allows the user to choose frames from an interactive timeline to save. This mode is ideal for fast moving subjects like children, pets or sportspeople in action.


Smart Remove Mode

The Smart Remove Mode is ideal for shooting subjects in busy environments where people or other objects are constantly passing between the camera and the subject. This mode shoots a series of photos, automatically detects the moving subjects and gives the user the option to save the photo with or without the detected moving objects.

smart-remove-1  smart-remove-2 smart-remove-final

All Smiles

The all smiles mode is a little similar to Time Rewind mode because it also shoots several frames in rapid sequence. But instead of a time limit of two seconds, All Smiles mode shoots five frames which it then presents on its interface, allowing the best ones to be chosen for saving.

Professional Manual Controls

A scene can be interpreted in many ways, and the phones’ auto or preset modes may not always render the photo you want. For this, the ZenFone 3 Zoom offers users the most comprehensive set of manual controls. Highlights of these settings include the 32-second slow shutter (the longest in the smartphone market) and the ability to choose between the wide angle or zoom cameras.


These manual controls make the ZenFone 3 Zoom a powerful tool for learning the fundamental skills of photography, and allowing users to creatively shoot scenes in many different interpretations.

32 Second Slow Shutter Mode

The most impressive feature of the ZenFone 3 Zoom’s manual controls is the slow shutter mode that allows photos to be shot with up to 32 seconds of exposure time. Fee smartphones offer a slow shutter mode, and among the few which have one, none allows for such a long exposure time.


Typically used for low light or night photos, this mode is ideal for shooting night landscapes, capturing the light streaks of passing traffic or capturing stationary subjects in very low light conditions, without the harsh lighting of a flash. This mode needs the phone to be shot from a stable, non-moving platform, and is best used with a self-timer so that the pressing of the shutter button doesn’t cause shaking that will blur the resulting photo.


ZenFone 3 Zoom sets the new bar for mobile photography, combining two entirely new camera systems. A 12 megapixel ƒ/1.7 aperture, wide-angle lens with ASUS SuperPixel™ Technology is primed to capture everyday scenes, especially in dark environment; and a 12 megapixel 2.3x optical zoom for high-quality close-ups from farther away. Switching between ZenFone 3 Zoom’s dual cameras takes just an instant, and the combination enables an all-new depth-of-field effect — for portraits that look like they were shot by a pro.