Best PC for photographers: ASUS Transformer 3


Photographers on the move need a real PC to get started on their work right away. That’s where the ASUS Transformer 3 (T305) comes in. Take a look at some of the reasons why anyone with a camera may want to pick up this stellar 2-in-1 PC.

Serious horsepower for editing and storing

When working with big files, you need enough system resources to get things done. The ASUS Transformer 3 has up to 8 GB of RAM, a 7th. generation Intel® Core™ processor, and up to 512 GB of lightning-fast SSD storage. With that, you can store a healthy dose of full-resolution photos or videos, do some light editing, and process final results. Windows 10 gives you the flexibility to install whatever tools you may need, whether that’s Photoshop or something more specialized.

Minimal bulk for getting to shoots and clients

best_pc_for_photographers_portability1There’s enough gear to haul around when going to a shoot. The last thing you want is one more piece of gear to slow you down. Luckily, the ASUS Transformer 3 is a mere 6.9 mm thin and 695 g light. You’ll barely notice it in your bag, and it will be easy to hand off to models and clients to review. That said, the solid aluminum body is tough enough to handle the rigors of your set and lifestyle.

Easy SD and USB access for transferring files

best_pc_for_photographers_connectivity1Thanks to the ASUS Universal Dock, a 3-in-1 SD card reader is always at the ready. Transferring over USB-C 3.1, your files can move at a blistering 10 Gbps. If you ever need to hand off copies of photos right away, a local microSD memory card slot may suit your needs. Full-sized USB 3.0 slots on the Universal Dock allow for tethered shooting to immediately transfer photos as you go. Official camera software will often allow for remote shooting with a USB connection as well.  Many cameras will even let you transfer wirelessly, making it easy for you to keep moving.

A glorious display with perfect color accuracy

best_pc_for_photographers_display1If you’re going to be previewing your photos in the field, you want to make sure they’re true to what you shot. The 12.6-inch 2880 x 1920 display should be more than up to the task. With a 121% sRGB color gamut, 178-degree viewing angle, and 96% optical clarity thanks to direct display bonding, you can count on your images being sharp and vibrant. This is hugely important when showing shots to clients. Once you’re back at your desk, the ASUS Transformer 3 can plug into your 4K monitors thanks to the Thunderbolt 3-enhanced USB-C port, or over standard HDMI with the Universal Dock.

Precise post-processing with the ASUS Pen and Keyboard Sleeve

best_pc_for_photographers_pen1Whether it’s eliminating red-eye, adjusting exposure of RAW files, or selecting specific parts of a photo, you need to make minute adjustments with extreme precision. To that end, the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro includes a Sleeve Keyboard with generously large touchpad. This means the Photoshop shortcuts you’re accustomed to are always at hand, and fine detail work can be done without covering the screen with your finger. When you want to get extra precise, the included ASUS Pen is the perfect tool for tweaking your photos. It has a full 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, perfect for natural-feeling handwriting. Two hardware buttons are right on the grip for common tasks, such as erasing.

Avid photographers will likely find many more reasons to pick up this PC by taking a look at the ASUS Transformer 3 product page.