What is the best laptop for a jet-setting fashionista?


It’s tough to know where to start in choosing a new laptop. Sifting through the swathes of products, reviews and specifications is so time-consuming. A good place to begin is by looking at your lifestyle and writing a list of your needs and wants.

The lifestyle of a travel-hungry fashionista requires a laptop that caters to a unique and diverse set of needs. Here are the reasons why the ZenBook 13 is the only travel companion you will need.

Always travel light

It’s hard enough sticking to baggage allowances without the extra burden of a clunky laptop. The ZenBook 13 is far lighter than similar products—in fact, the discrete graphics version only weighs 1.12 kg and the integrated graphics version only weighs 895 grams. It can be so light because it’s constructed from magnesium-aluminium alloy, a super-strong and super-light material that’s 33% lighter than the standard alloy used in laptops. It’s also the world’s thinnest laptop with discrete graphics, making it easy to tuck into a handbag or briefcase.

Stylish design

ZenBook 13

You can think of the ZenBook 13 as a fashion accessory. Instead of whipping out a standard laptop, it oozes timeless style and the Royal Blue and Slate Grey versions have Zen-inspired spun metal finish. The Royal Blue version has a luxurious crystal-like gloss coating created using a high-tech nano-imprinted lithography process. It’s also available in two other subtle yet elegant colours—Rose Gold and Deep Dive Blue.

Day and night

Whether you’re in a dark studio, at a networking event or on a night flight, the ability to see your keyboard in the dark is super handy. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than being that person on a flight who has their spotlight on when everyone else is trying to sleep. Fingerprint authentication and one-touch login make it simple to access your account in any situation—for example when you want to quickly check your emails and log off your computer at lightning speed before getting some sleep on a night flight.
Moreover, the ZenBook 13 has four different visual modes, including an eye-care mode that reduces blue light by as much as 30 percent, making it an ideal companion for night flights or long hours spent in front of a screen.

Ultra high-definition display

The 4K ultra-high definition display of the ZenBook 13 has four times as many pixels as a traditional high definition television. With 100% sRGB, it guarantees vivid and accurate colors, so everything looks more natural. This means visuals are incredibly true-to-life, enabling you to see even the most granular details. This makes it ideal for editing photos and ensuring designs are top quality.

All-day battery life

ZenBook 13

Trotting around the globe often means long hours in transit, which can be really annoying if you’ve packed your charger or you’re without an adapter. The 15-hour battery life of the ZenBook 13 takes this worry away and its lifespan is also three times longer than standard batteries.


The creative spark can come out of nowhere and it’s important to jot ideas down before they’re forgotten! Instead of lugging a notepad and pen everywhere, the ZenBook 13’s touchscreen and ASUS Pen, together with Windows Ink, enable you to use it as a notepad, sketchbook or whiteboard.

Powerful graphics

ZenBook 13
The ZenBook 13 contains up to the latest NVIDIA GeForce MX150 discrete graphics card, that has its own dedicated video memory and four times smoother, faster performance than integrated graphics chips. This makes it effortless for you to edit photos and videos of your work and travels and ensures the sharpness and contrast of each frame are perfectly optimised for clarity. The NanoEdge display allows you to soak up every pixel and appreciate the image without a clunky laptop edge taking up too much space.

Crystal clear sound

Being stuck on a noisy plane or train and not being able to hear your music or videos properly is so annoying! The ZenBook 13 has a powerful sound system that’s certified by Harman Kardon, the experts behind the audio systems of BMW and Volvo. The system mixes superior hardware, including technology that boosts volume up to 3.5 times, alongside cleverly designed software, to ensure you can completely immerse yourself in sound and drown out background noise.

High speed

ZenBook 13

Being slowed down by your laptop is really irritating. The ZenBook 13 is super-speedy, with 8th. Gen Intel Core i7 processor and 1 TB PCIe SSD that enables rapid data transfer and seamless web-surfing—three times faster than SATA SSD. Its fast storage also means you won’t suffer the pain of waiting around as you edit videos and photos.

Finally, a laptop should slot into your life and align with all your needs. If you choose the right one, you can ensure it’s the only travel buddy you’ll need, whether for work or in-flight entertainment! For jet-set fashionistas, the ZenBook 13 is an ideal companion that will meet or exceed almost every need and expectation.

Learn more about the ASUS ZenBook 13 here, and the light version of the ZenBook 13 here.