Best 2 in 1 laptop for students: ASUS Transformer Mini


The ASUS Transformer Mini (T102) is without a doubt the best 2 in 1 laptop for students. Between its solid build quality, portable size, and full-featured software, getting through the school year will be a breeze with this 2 in 1 laptop at your side. Let’s run through some of the situations where the ASUS Transformer Mini’s key features will come to play.

In the classroom

When taking notes during a lecture, you’ll most likely want to use the included ASUS Pen. Its intuitive control and high responsiveness will let you take down every idea as quickly as your prof speaks, and thanks to Windows Ink, connecting those ideas to files and other resources is a breeze. The keyboard cover has a dedicated holster for the stylus to keep it always at the ready. The small footprint will also ensure you’ll be able to fit the ASUS Transformer Mini on your desk, which can often be shy on room in lecture halls.

In the library

zz03nmy4ymu1zjuzztexogvmotiwzjrimmmyzdfln2vhzaThe portability of the ASUS Transformer Mini makes it ideal for taking to the library when you need to do extended research. A whooping 11 hours of battery life mean you can jump right from class to the books without having to hunt around for a plug. Meanwhile, the metal construction can stand up to the test of time when being flung in your bag every day. If you accidentally leave your PC unattended, don’t worry too much; fingerprint security means you can keep your personal information safe without the extra hassle of passwords when logging in. Of course, all of your reading isn’t going to be in print. At 530 g, the ASUS Transformer Mini is plenty comfortable to hold as a tablet for reading digital sources.

At home

zz04odvkyty1nmzmnzjinmzmngvizdhhngewm2nknja5zqFinding a comfortable spot at residence to work for the long haul can be tricky… Sometimes you’ll be at your desk, sometimes you’ll be on the couch, but the ASUS Transformer Mini is versatile enough to work whereever you do. The stepless 155-degree hinge helps you see the screen at any angle. The keyboard cover is comfortable enough to type out your essays thanks to generous 1.5 mm key travel. If you ever need the big screen, a micro HDMI slot makes it easy, and a full-sized USB 3.0 slot lets you plug in your own mouse and keyboard. Even on its own, students can intelligently multitask thanks to the Snap Assist feature in Windows 10. This way you can easily put windows side-by side, such as class notes next to your current assignment.

With all of that said, it’s easy to see why the ASUS Transformer Mini is the best 2 in 1 laptop for students. The mature software and sheer processing power can meet the demands of your studies, while the premium construction is both flexible and tough enough for life on the move. Be sure to learn more about the ASUS Transformer Mini over here.