10 tablet photography tips no one told you about


Tablets are generally not seen as photography devices, but the ASUS ZenPad comes with a reasonably powerful camera and significant processing power to go along with that. So, let’s look at the finer aspects of taking great pictures with the ZenPad. From how to hold the device and frame the shots to editing images and post-processing, these tips will help improve your photography skills.

#1 – Use both hands

The first thing that you should note about tablet photography is the use of both hands. Due to their shape and size, tablets will never be stable if you try to use them like a phone or a small digicam. So, hold your tablet steady with both hands and use one of your thumbs to click the picture. If you are still struggling to stabilize it, rest your elbows against your body.

#2 – Look for natural light

The flash is a potent tool for professional photographers, but the best images are the ones that make the use of ambient light. It is of course not an issue at daytime, but at night look for light sources that can help you click without the flash.

#3 – Use the large preview for composition

One of the keys to quality images is composition. The larger screen of the ZenPad can give you a very clear preview of the sort that you do not usually get with a phone or even with the DSLRs. Check every detail of the shot in the crystal clear, 8-inch preview to come up with the perfect composition.

#4 – Crop rather than zoom

Zoom, although available in most devices, is a tricky issue. The best form of zoom is the optical zoom that comes with real camera lenses. The digital zoom in other devices may not be as clear as you want it to be. But the 8-megapixel resolution of the ZenPad means that you can easily crop the larger pictures and make some of the elements look bigger without losing image quality.

#5 – Experiment with motion blur

Big devices take a bit of effort to stabilize, but you can use that to your advantage. A simple online search will show you some excellent experimental photography using motion blur and out-of-focus shots. Try them out with your ZenPad.

#6 – Get a tripod

While a tripod is a must for professionals, amateurs do not normally invest in one. A tripod is an excellent device to stabilize the camera, however, and once you give it a try, you may find you cannot do without. Note that your old camera tripod may not be suitable, as those tripods were not designed to mount smart devices. Invest in a hybrid tripod that comes with adjustable grip to hold devices of varied sizes. Take a look, for example, at the Square Jellyfish tablet tripod mount. The ideal companion for your ZenPad on the go.

#7 – Get extra editing apps

The ZenPad runs on Android and the play store has a host of photo-editing apps with advanced features to help you with the post-processing. Try out the likes of Snapseed or Camera Zoom FX to create arresting visuals from your raw images.

#8 – Avoid red eye

Red eye is a problem with a lot of devices. The easiest way to avoid it is to remind your subjects not to look directly into the camera when you take the shot. If ever you end up with red eye in your photos, remove it with an editing app. Try Pixlr or Adobe Photoshop Express for some great results.

#9 – Consider manual mode

All digital devices have some preset modes for different situations. But if you really want full control, try to choose various options such as brightness, contrast, and focus manually. The ZenPad has an extensively customizable manual mode to satisfy the shutterbug in you.

You can access the Manual mode by clicking Settings on the camera Home Screen and then selecting Manual from the options.

#10 – Cleansing

Since the lens is so small, we tend to forget about cleaning it. The dust particles gather on it over time and they can make the images hazy. Every now and then, take the time to clean the lens with a piece of cloth. You can also buy some lens cleaning liquid to really keep that lens sharp and clear. Use a cotton swab to apply it.

#11 – Publishing the images

One of the primary benefit of clicking pictures with a device like the ZenPad is that you can use them immediately after clicking. Just choose from the various buttons on the screen beside the images to publish them on social networks and blogs.


The ZenPad is the ultimate tool for both work and play, and so it is packed with features for every activity you might indulge in. The Zen camera is full of surprise and delight. Keep exploring those features, and you will discover something new every day.


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